HOMMAGE’s Platinum Shave

21 01 2009

Since I was a small child, I can remember visiting my Gido (Ukrainian for Grandfather) and watching him shave.  Though we both share similar shaving rituals – mine consists of a pre-shave oil, shave cream, toner and post-shave moisturizer – he always used a straight razor instead of the standard blade.  Why?  The truth is there is still no better way than the “old school way” to get a super close shave.

This fact has fascinated me for nearly two decades, but to this day, I have never used a straight razor.  It’s 80 percent fear and 20 percent not knowing exactly how to use one.

Thanks to my friends at HOMMAGE, the leader in luxury shave tools, I may be one step closer to achieving the same shave as my Gido.

hommage_damascene-razorRecently, HOMMAGE launched their damascene razor, engineered and hand-forged in Germany in the legendary Damascene style.  Envisioned by world-famous designer, Wolfgang Joensson, the razor consists of 128 layers that form a rose and torsion pattern (looks similar to wood graining) and is plated in platinum.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

To compliment the tools (they have nearly a dozen to choose from now), HOMMAGE has also released a collection of shave/skincare products.  All come packaged in airless, leak proof capsules that provide enough product for about two weeks of daily use.  If you’re in New York, you can receive the full experience at Paul Labrecque, or visit their website for a location near you.


Buster’s Skin Care for Men

20 01 2009

In honor of my new blog, I wanted to feature one of my favorite new grooming lines; Buster’s Skin Care for Men.

Based in Ontario, California, Buster’s was founded and developed by mastermind, David McCasey.  Originally, the idea was to launch three core products, but at the time of launch there are now 20 pieces for skin, shave, hair, body and anti-aging.

“We’re concerned with helping provide a healthy environment for generations to come; that means using eco-friendly ingredients that are grown and produced from all over the planet,” says McCasey.

Packaged in jade green bottles, and sporting the brand’s English Bulldog mascot, each product uses the finest natural raw ingredients. The products are so natural and organic that they are biodegradable, meaning they’re not only good for your skin, but good for our planet too.


The Golden Globe Facial Scruff

12 01 2009

While everyone else was busy talking about the ladies walking the red carpet, I was all about the guys…and their facial hair.

Stubble, it would seem, was the biggest accessory at the Golden Globes this year.  Just check out this year’s winner for Best Actor, Colin Farell.

colin-farrell_in-bruges_golden-globesHere’s how to get the scruffy ook:

Step 1: Clip facial hair using an adjustable beard trimmer; Guard/Setting 1 or 2 are the most appropriate for a black tie event.  Anything longer and you might as well be camping.

Philips Norelco makes some of the best adujustable trimmers.  With the guards built right in, you never have to worry about loosing the extra pieces.  Plus, the vacuum allows for easier cleanup.

Step 2: Apply hot towel to face and neck.  This will open pores and allow you to achieve a closer shave (Note: you can achieve the same by taking a hot shower before shaving).

Step 3: Apply shaving oil and/or cream to cheeks and neck.  I prefer creams (try Every Man Jack) over gels, as they are less drying and irritating to sensitive skin.

Step 4: Allow 30-60 seconds for product(s) to sit on the skin.  This will give time for the “good-for-you” ingredients to go to work as the cream softens the coarse hair.  Using a new blade, shave the desired areas, moving the blade in the direction of the hair growth to ensure a close, clean shave.

Step 5: Rinse skin with cool water to close pores and help stop any bleeding.  Follow by applying a post-shave moisturizer or treatment product.  One of my favorites is the Post-Shave Repair by MenScience Androceuticals.

Gourmet Grooming

20 09 2008

They light up the big screen with their dashing good looks and make “sexy” look easy.  They are Hollywoods hottest leading men, and like you, they too have a few grooming secrets that keep them camera ready.  But you donít have to have their celebrity bank account to get the same star results.

To continue reading my article from the August/September 2009 issue of Metrosource Magazine, click here.