Michael Jackson Tribute: Eric Solomon Sings ‘Man In the Mirror’

3 07 2009

It has only been one week since the passing of the King of Pop.  In tribute to all his contributions to each of our lives, here’s a heartfelt rendition of Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror, by Eric Solomon.

Solomon’s  powerful vocals, sleek chord changes and rifts, and  raw strumming on the guitar expresses through music our collective emotion and loss.


Michael Jackson, King of Pop Dies at 50

26 06 2009

First an angel; then a king. Michael Jackson, the most enfluential entertainer of the past four decades, died Thursday at the age of 50. Though exact causes would be determined following an autopsy report – MJ had just undergone an extensive health exam months prior and was due for another one before his comeback tour in London – it was believed that he had died from cardiac arrest. Many people close to the singer stated that he looked sick and underweight in the week of rehearsals in Los Angeles leading up to his death.

Though his image was tarnished after several young boys and their families brought charges against the groundbreaking performer for alleged sexual abuse, Michael Jackson’s legacy will live on for generations to come as he continues to inspire the young and old alike.

You will be greatly missed MJ.

Michael Jackson: Thriller 25th Anniversary Album Cover

Michael Jackson: Thriller 25th Anniversary Album Cover

Photo Source: TremaineDance.com