10 Things Men Forget To Do During Sex

16 09 2009

I work in a smaller office where we all know everyone’s business, including what’s going on in our love lives.  One of my colleagues recently came to me talking about how she and her boyfriend have an active sex life, but that it it more focused on his pleasure and not hers.  Men, why do you always forget about the woman’s needs?  It’s no wonder your girlfriends and wives don’t want to have more sex with you.  If you take the time to learn how to nurture her needs, you’ll quickly find yourself having much more quality love making with your partner. 

lovemakingWondering where to being?  Below is a list of 10 Things Men Forget To Do During Sex, developed by Jessica Wakeman, blogger for TheFrisky.com, a website covering everything that matters to women 18-34.  Take notes; this may be on your next oral exam.

Here are Jessica’s 10 things:

  1. The clitoris is right there. Yes, right there. Not over here, not down there, not off to the side. It doesn’t move. Try to stay focused and play with the clit!
  2. Take your socks off. Not a single thing is sexy about a man who is naked except for his socks.
  3. Lubricant, lubricant, lubricant. We may feel “so wet” to you from our own fluids, but we actually need to be pretty drenched with water-based lube for business time.
  4. Some women become very aroused by their imaginations, so a little dirty talk about what you’re going to do to us stimulates our biggest sex organ: our brain! (But avoid these 36 words that kill the moment.)
  5. If you’re going down on us, make sure to keep your tongue wet with spit. A dry tongue chafes down there!
  6. Unless we’ve expressly indicated that we like our headlights to be tweaked, do not pinch our nipples in the heat of the moment. They’re very, very sensitive!
  7. Sometimes a light touch is better than a strong one. And a sweet kiss with just your lips is better than a Labrador retriever-style kiss with your tongue.
  8. We absolutely adore when you gently, tenderly suckle on our fingers (or our toes, for men with mouths of asbestos).
  9. That look of concentration on your face makes it seem like you’re doing calculations in your head, not making love. Smile a little bit, why don’t you?
  10. Nipples should be a pit stop on the way to Vaginaville—get off the express train!

To read more from Jessica Wakeman, click here

Image Source: ayushveda.com




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