Summer Sweepstakes & Grooming-on-the-Go

26 07 2009

Every Man Jack, one of my favorite grooming brands on the market today, is wrapping up their first WANTED contest.

Hundreds of guys submitted photos for the chance to star in the company’s first national ad campaign, which will run in Men’s Health magazine.

There’s still a few days left to sign up.  In the meantime, Every Man Jack has released their new Travel Kit, perfect for grooming-on-the-go.

The Travel Kit includes face wash, shave cream, face lotion and 2-in-1 shampoo, along with a bonus SPF 15 face lotion and lip balm. Everything you need to keep looking and feeling good while on summer vacation.

Every Man Jack Travel Kit

Every Man Jack Travel Kit




3 responses

7 08 2009

That is a nice promo to spread the word about their product. Many people are now aware that not only women should take good care of their skin but men as well. It is amazing that the travel kit includes so many items like a face wash, shave cream
, face lotion and 2-in-1 shampoo, and with an SPF 15 face lotion and lip balm.

31 08 2009
Marc Marasco

Please vote for me. I’m a wildcard contestant. I wasn’t hand-picked by corporate like the other guys. I’m not a male model, fancy marketing/sales/real estate guy, or heroic mixed martial arts firefighter. I don’t wear flashy hats or do a million sit-ups a day.

If you read my contestant profile, you can see that I play video games, watch scifi, love pinball, eat nachos, and hate george lucas for ruining my childhood memories. I have a little family including my new wife and dog, Karma. I’m an “Every Man” for the common folks… Please endorse me for everyman jack.

Please vote for me, Marc M from San Jose (1st row, 2nd column). There is no registration required. It is just clickedy-click click.



3 09 2009

It is an awesome line of products and I am up as a finalist. Please vote at I am Stephen F. You can see a similar story about it at

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