Grooming: 5 Products to Beat the Heat Wave

30 04 2009

As we head into the hot days of summer, the temperature isn’t the only thing that changes; our skin and hair are also transitioning, requiring some extra attention.  Here are five products to help make sure you’re looking your best whether it’s 80 or 105 degrees outside.    

Every Man Jack Skin Clearing Face Wash
As the mercury rises, the overproduction of oil in our skin also kicks into overdrive. Skin Clearing Face Wash by Every Man Jack uses salicylic acid to treat and help prevent current and future breakouts caused by oily skin while coconut-derived surfactants remove deep-down dirt and oil. Aloe and chamomile extract are added to sooth irritation while glycerin keeps skin hydrated.
Retail Price: $5.00

ClarinsMen UV Protection SPF 40
I don’t always like recommending expensive grooming products because there are so many great options these days around or under $10. However, the ClarinsMen UV Protection SPF 40 is phenomenal. This oil-free moisturizer blocks sun with a mineral screen and protects skin from the harmful effects of pollution with Clarins’ patented Expertise 3P Complex. My favorite aspect about this product is that it goes on smooth, and dries to a matte finish. Retail Price: $42.00

Buster’s Skincare Buster’s Organic Body Butter Crème
Okay, I know what you’re thinking; a body butter for guys? It may not sound manly, but I’ll let you in on a little secret; your partner doesn’t want to feel like they’re rubbing up against a brillo pad. The Organic Body Butter Crème is formulated with organic botanicals including Tamanu oil to condition, lavender to soothe irritation and coconut oil to hydrate dry skin.
Retail Price: $22.00 

JOICO Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray
Whether you spike it, slick it or just mess it up, don’t let humidity undo your hairdo. Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray, part of the JOICO Design Collection, uses an advanced blend of proteins, UVS/UVB filters and polymers to protect even the most extreme styles from the hottest and most humid days.
Retail Price: 17.95 Call 800-80-JOICO or visit to find a salon near you

Baxter of California’s HYDRO SALVE: LIP BALM
Don’t let dry lips stand between you and a hot make out session. Hydro Salve Lip Balm by Baxter of California is infused with vitamins and jojoba to soothe dry skin while maintaining optimal lip moisture. The Mojito flavor will leave you craving a second shot. Retail Price: $8.00


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BestPicks: New On DVD This Week

21 04 2009

Hellraiser: Blu-Ray

Does work have you down?  Make it a movie night; it always makes me feel better.  Out on DVD today are The Wrestler and Frost Nixon, both nominated for multiple Academy Awards.  If you missed either in the theatres, this is your chance to see what all the hype is about.  Just one look at Mickey Rourke in this comeback role and you’ll remember why he was once considered one of the greatest actors of our generation.

If those aren’t quite your speed and you crave something a little more demented, it’s time to watch Clive Barker’s Hellraiser as it was meant to be seen; in high definition.  While it doesn’t come with many extras, it’s available for the first time on Blu-ray.


HEROES: Season 3 DVD

And just in case these three aren’t enough, checkout the top ten films that people are watching this week on Netflix Instant.

1. Heroes: Season 3
2.  You Don’t Mess with the Zohan
3.  Made of Honor
4.  Enemy of the State
5.  It’s a Boy Girl Thing
6.  The IT Crowd: Series 1
7.  SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 3
8.  Superbad
9.  Dead Space: Downfall
10.  88 Minutes

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Grooming On-the-Go

21 04 2009

Grooming On-the-Go With summer just around the corner, that means many of us will be traveling (as far as our budgets will allow anyway). However, just because you’re on-the-go doesn’t mean you have to forgo your daily grooming routine.

One of my favorite kits is the Grab + Go Travel Kit from Anthony Logistics. The airline-approved kit includes a Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Shave Cream, Astringent, Coconut Shampoo, Cleansing Gel, zip top plastic bag and storage container; all this for just $45.

To checkout additional options for grooming on-the-go, checkout my recent article at

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Anthony Logistics Grab + Go Travel Kit

Yankee Stadium: Concession Calories Hit Out of the Ballpark

20 04 2009

If you haven’t been to the new $1.5 billion Yankee Stadium, it’s a must see for any baseball fan. Just steer clear of the concession stand, or at least opt for something a little less likely to cause you to go into cardiac arrest.

According to Yahoo! Sports, just one $12 tub of popcorn packs a whopping 2,473 calories. If you’re like most of my guy friends, or me, you can probably finish that off by yourself and still have room for a hot dog.

Instead, reach for the peanuts. After all, they are a staple snack food at ballparks across America, and with only 170 calories per serving (28 grams according to you can afford a second helping. Plus, peanuts – which are actually classified as legumes (related to beans and lentils) – contain 30 essential nutrients, and have zero cholesterol and no trans fats (according to the National Peanut Board™).


New Yankee Stadium

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